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26 May
17:00 — 18:10

Times connecting thread To the 220th anniversary of the birth of

Julian Henry Lounfeld (poet, translator, composer and musician, USA) presents a book in two languages, “My talisman: poetry and the life of A.S. Pushkin.” Verses A.S. Pushkin and Kaliningrad poets read about Pushkin. Titular organist of the Cathedral, laureate of international competitions. Mansur Yusupov. Diplomat of international competition. Anna Alekseeva (organ) Anna Ivanova (cello), Natalia Grigorieva (cello) take part in the concert
31 May
19:00 — 20:00

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G. de Macho, G. Dufay, I.S. Bach, O. Messiaen, T. Takemitsu, A. Pärt, G. Ustvolskaya, E. Denisov Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble Ivan Bushuev (flute) Oleg Dance (clarinet) Mikhail Dubov (piano, organ) Yevgeny Subbotin (violin) Ilya Rubinstein ( cello)