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About the Cathedral

Today, the Cathedral is a multi-purpose cultural hub which includes an academic concert hall hosting a unique organ complex, the largest in Russia, and the Immanuel Kant Museum. A Park of Statues surrounds the cathedral on Kant Island. Situated in the heart of Konigsberg-Kaliningrad, on the island of Kneiphof that was obliterated by the British airforce in 1944, the Cathedral’s is a dramatic story of destruction and restoration which, alongside the tomb of Immanuel Kant near its northern wall, have made it a symbol of the city, its architectural centerpiece, and the main point of attraction for all visitors to Kaliningrad.

The Immanuel Kant Museum’s collection includes a variety of exhibits related to the history of Konigsberg-Kaliningrad, as well as the life and scientific work of the great German philosopher.

The Cathedral’s unique organ complex consists of a grand organ and a smaller choir organ. The two mechanical instruments with electronic enhancements were manufactured by the German organ company Alexander Schuke. The Cathedral has two organists on its staff. Organ mini-concerts, 40 minutes long, are held daily and enjoy great popularity among visitors to the region. Evening concerts are held once or twice a week and feature invited organists. The Cathedral’s unique organ complex has attracted the attention of leading Russian and European musicians.

The Cathedral has hosted numerous festivals. World-renowned musicians, orchestras and choirs have appeared at the stage of its 700-seat academic concert hall, the largest in the region. It has become a tradition of the Cathedral to host the Mikael Tariverdiev International Organ Competition.

April 2020
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