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On the eve of Immanuel Kant's birthday, the Cathedral presents the stand-up drama by Dmitry Minchenko, The Secret Rules of Kant. Especially for the Cathedral, Dmitry Minchenok - a playwright, screenwriter, writer and actor, winner of the "Golden Lavra", a TEFI nominee - created his own version of the biography of the thinker.

- Why do I have to go to the "Secret Rules of Kant"? Immanuel Kant is Stephen Hawking of the 18th century: trying to overcome his fears, he managed to create a fantastic theory, - says Dmitry Minchenok. “You should go to this performance if you want to understand where the American hipsters came from and our Russian“ maybe ”. To do this, simply release Kant from scientific terms and try to present his philosophy in ordinary human language. And then such an abyss, such a mass, and, most importantly, a great mystery, will open. The modern Russian biographers of Kant are overwhelmingly philosophers, not writers. As a result, in the philosophy of Kant, we lose Kant-man. Kant, a dramatic figure, becomes a set of some moral and philosophical rules, but no one tries to put himself in his place, let alone try to understand him.
Dmitry Minchenok, being at the same time the author of the text “The Secret Rules of Kant”, the director of the performance and the actor-improviser, uses his own method of theatrical research - improvisation, raised to the rank of stand-up drama - and tries to “stand up »Kant. 
In the stand-up drama there is no ready-made and pre-memorized text that the actor reads from the stage. There are key words, video, music, which designate the structure of the performance in helping the improviser, but in the foreground - the reaction of the audience. “There is a terrible beast - spectator attention. I have to keep my eyes on this beast, ”says Dmitry Minchenok.
The titular organist of the Cathedral, laureate of all-Russian and international competitions Yevgeny Avramenko (organ) and diploma winner of international competitions Ksenia Avramenko (flute) take part in the play “Secret Rules of Kant”. The play will feature works by G.F. Handel, I.S., Bach, T. Albinoni, L.V. Beethoven, F. Liszt, F. Schubert.


Dmitry Minchenok - playwright, screenwriter, writer, performer. Dmitry Minchenko can rightly be called the pioneer of the stand-up drama genre - as opposed to a stand-up comedy. What he tells is not specially memorized, but is born as improvisation according to the “here and now” principle in a particular place right in front of the viewer.
Dmitry Minchenok is the author of several television documentary films of the First Channel, Russia and Culture channels. For the documentary film “Mozart”, filmed for the “Russia” TV channel, in which the composer’s Masonic fate can be traced, Dmitry Minchenok was nominated for the “Tefi” award and won the National Laurel Branch Award as the best screenwriter (2009). Winner of the Prize of the Foundation Irina Arkhipova and Vladislav Piavko and winner of the Silver Medal for the book about Isaac Dunaevsky in the series “ZhZL”, published in 2008.

Author of many plays. Based on his unpublished novel, The Mysterious Mrs. Nelram, he wrote a play that was staged in 2001 at the Moscow Estrada Theater called “Goodbye Marlene, Hello.” The author of the play “The Last Error of Mozart” (“The Concert of the Doomed”), staged at the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov directed by Yuri Eremin (2006).
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