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Opening concert of the "Decembrist nights" Festival - "ONE-MAN BAND".

On the 13th of December the "One-man band" concert is opening. Performer - Daniil Kramer. Alexander Tokarev's artworks are going to perform like an orchestra on the stage.

Alexander Tokarev is one of a handful of artists who works with large forms in the visual arts. His multi-part works—polyptychs—consist of five or more pieces. In them the artist, as if in his own theatre, is playwright, director and actor. In this “theatre of life” there is a harmonious blend of the divine and human comedies, epic sagas and theatre of the absurd, reality and myth. The upshot is a synthesis, a layering of symbols, melodies, rhythms, volumes and forms. These painted “narratives” spread out before us like a hypertext combining semantic layers of varying depth.

Music is the favourite theme in his oeuvre. His 1974 canvas Farewell Orchestra was his first programme work. The MAN-ORCHESTRA theme was one of his happiest discoveries of the 1980’s. It conveyed a universal formula to Tokarev and allowed him to find freedom of colour and form.