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Four-handed dinner

On December 21st, at 19:00- the theatrical and musical action "Four-handed dinner" will be held in the Cathedral , ending the Year of the Theater. Starring Michail Efremov and Evgeny Dyatlov.

     In 1992, at the Moscow Art Theater hosted the premiere of "Possible meeting" directed by Vyacheslav Dolgachev. A year later the perfomance was shown to viewers in a television version. And now, after a quarter of a century, the story of something that never happened, but what could have happened, is told by Michail Efremov and Evgeny Dyatlov, because Handel visited Leipzig during the period, when J.S. Bach worked at St. Thomas Church.

     This is a play by the German playwright Paul Bartz about in imagenery dinner of two composers, two geniuses of the era. The playwright, screenwriter, director Dmitry Minchenok, who adopted the play, gave it the subtitle "Failed meeting".