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Kant Memorial Day

In the Kant Museum and at the Pastor's House (Veselovka).

On the 12th of February at the Immanuel Kant Museum at 15:00 there will be a lecture by professor, cantologist L.A. Kalinnikov "The poet Afanasy Fet and the problems of philosophy of Immanuel Kant in his work".  


At 16:00 - laying flowers at theg grave of I. Kant. 

At 16:00 at the Pastor's House (Veselovka) - presentation of the publications of the works of I. Kant, scientific publications "Bookshelf", excursion and public lecture "The Legacy of the Immanuel Kant". This is the open form of the dialogue about Kant for residents of Veselovka and all people who are interested in the life and work of the philosopher.