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Goethe about Kant

April is marked by the birthday of the great philosopher Immanuel Kant. Outstanding personalities and creators greatly appreciated him and noted the importance of Kant's works for world science and culture.

Johann Peter Eckermann, German poet and author, is best known for his work Conversations with Goethethe fruit of his association with Goethe during the last years of Goethe's life.

I asked Goethe which of new philosophers he thought the highest. "Kant," said he, beyond a doubt. He is the one, whose doctrines still continue to work, and hana penetrated most deeply into our German civilization. He has influenced even you, although you have never read him. 

"Has your Excellency ever had any personal connection with Kant?"

"No," he replied; Kant never took any notice of me. Schiller was always wont to advise the study of Kant's philosophy. He usually said Kant could give me nothing; but he himself studied Kant with great zeal; and I have studied him too, and not without profit."