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On December 13, the exhibition “Moscow is not Berlin.” Will open at the I. Kant Museum and the large hall of the cathedral as part of the festival “Decembrist Evenings”. 50 years of publication of the novel "The Master and Margarita" in Germany. " The exhibition is provided by the Mikhail Afanasyevich Bulgakov Museum (Moscow).

In March 2018, it was 50 years since the first publication of the novel “The Master and Margarita” in German. The exhibition tells the amazing story of the publication of the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov in Germany and shows how the German-speaking world accepted this text.

An ordinary publishing task — the translation and publication of a book — in the case of M. Bulgakov’s latest novel, turned into a truly spy story in the forked Germany of the 1960s. Konstantin Simonov, Julian Semenov, Svyatoslav Richter and other well-known contemporaries with the light hand of Elena Bulgakova, the writer's widow, engaged in informal correspondence, arranged secret meetings, transported secret packages, all for the German-speaking reader to read the main Bulgakov novel and discover the world of his works.

As history has shown, the efforts were spent not in vain - the “Russian Faust” of the 1930s turned out to be unusually relevant in post-war divided Germany, which rethought its fatal totalitarian experience through the Faustian plot. For the readers of the GDR, the novel Master and Margarita first became a symbol of the thaw, and then perestroika, a peaceful protest of the 1980s, full of optimism and hope. But even after the unification of Germany, the Bulgakov text did not lose its relevance, as proof of this - new translations of the novel, thousands of editions of reissues, two operas and about forty theatrical productions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The purpose of the exhibition is to tell the amazing story of the publication of the novel “The Master and Margarita” in German and to show what new generations of readers find in it in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For the first time, the exhibition will show items from the personal collection of those who directly participated in the publication of the translation of the novel, historical documents from the archives of Germany and Russia, as well as various audio, photo and video materials.
The curator of the exhibition is the scientific secretary of the Museum Bulgakova Marina Savranskaya.

As part of the educational program of the exhibition, on December 12, at 18.00, the I. Kant Museum (lecture and exhibition hall) will host a lecture / video show by Marina Savranskaya “Entr'acte, scoundrels!” About the staging of the novel “The Master and Margarita” in Germany in 1985-2018. The first attempts to turn the novel into a stage action were undertaken in the GDR in the 1980s. A new upsurge of theatrical interest in Bulgakov’s plot occurred in the early 2000s, after symbolic director Frank Kastorf, quartermaster of the famous Volksbühne theater in Berlin, presented his radical stage version of The Master and Margarita. As part of the lecture, you will see rare video clips of performances based on the novel “The Master and Margarita” from different years..