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The Organ Meets… project

The Cathedral presents the Organ Meets… project, a concert programme in which its unique organ can be heard alongside another instrument.

Organ Meets… concerts are held at the Cathedral every first Sunday of the month at 2 pm. The Cathedral’s unique organ complex has capabilities that will impress even a long-time devotee of the musical arts, while the addition of a second instrument discovers new facets in the sound of an organ and broadens the understanding of the “king of instruments”.

The programme for this new musical project has been planned in such a way as to introduce a different second instrument each time. Wind, bow, plucked, keyboard, and traditional instruments will make their appearances alongside the organ. Each new concert is a new musical discovery.

The project will also be of interest to those for whom evening concerts at the Cathedral are not conveniently timed. Organ Meets… is a full-fledged concert programme scheduled for daytime hours.

Concert ticket prices are as follows: 400 roubles for general adults; 300 roubles for persons in retirement; 200 roubles for school and university students.


November 2018
Schedule for 16 november, fri: