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The Mikael Tariverdiev Organ Competition

Mikael Tariverdiev International Organ Competition

Russia's first international Competition of organists was held in September 1999 in the city of Kaliningrad. Selection of Kaliningrad as site of the Competititon was not incidental - this Russian enclave is convenient for European traveling and surrounded by organ tradition countries like Poland, Lithuania, the whole Baltic region. Opening up Russia for Europe and Europe for Russia is one of the objectives of this Competition.

The unique place Mikael Tariverdiev's music occupies in Russia, its immense popularity and originality of what he has written for organ are the reason why the Competition is named after him. His artistic and social principles make the Competititon’s ideology.

The Competition is held once in every two years in the Hall of Kaliningrad Philharmonic Society (former church, organ Reger Closs, 1982). It is planned to install a new big organ in the newly restored Cathedral of Kaliningrad where Immanuel Kant is buried. In this sense the logic of development of the Competition agrees with the logic of the city's life and development.

The First Competition was attended by musicians of 14 countries; Jury comprised of prominent musicians of Europe as well as of representatives of organ schools of Russia, Armenia and Georgia. Mr.Garry Grodberg, Jury's chairman and the first interpretator of such works of Mikael Tariverdiev as Organ concerto Cassandra and Organ symphony Chernobyl, Ms.Natalia Gureyeva, Professor of Moscow Conservatoire, Mr.Vaagn Stamboltsian, Professor of Yerevan Conservatoire, M.Michele Shapui of France, Professor Jean Volfs of the Netherlands, Professor Camil Doogh of Belgium, Professor Piter Graiter of Poland sat on the Jury.

The 11th Mikael Tariverdiev International Organ Competition 2019 dates:

The First Round:

Lawrence, Kansas, USA - April 4-6
Hamburg, Germany - May 13-18
Moscow, Russia - August 28-31
The Second and Third Rounds:

Kaliningrad, Russia - September 3-9
President of the Jury - Christophe Mantoux

July 2019