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New exposition in the House of Pastor in Veselovka

In January 2019, the Cathedral received from the Kaliningrad Regional Museum of History and Art an object of cultural heritage of regional significance Ensemble "Manor of the parish of Youdshen parish associated with the activities of the philosopher Immanuel Kant - the house of the pastor". For several months the staff of the cathedral painstakingly assembled an exhibition exposition telling about the first steps of Immanuel Kant in the philosophical field.

On the eve of the 295th anniversary of the famous philosopher, the grand opening of the exhibition took place. The delegation of the Society of Friends of Kant and Königsberg was the first to appreciate the renewed museum. Annually, the descendants of Immanuel Kant's friends come to Kaliningrad in April to celebrate the great philosopher’s birthday by laying flowers to his burial near the Cathedral’s wall and remind the whole world of its role in the development of world philosophical thought.
The opening ceremony was attended by the Governor of the Kaliningrad Region Anton Andreevich Alikhanov. The head of the region wished prosperity to the museum, and his staff patience and professional growth in the cultural field.
At the moment, the exposition of the museum-ensemble House of Pastor in the village of Veselovka presents information about the life and scientific activities of Kant. Among the exhibits are household items and religious worship; works of Kant (the first edition of "On Pedagogy" in 1803, the lifetime edition of "Logic. A guide to lectures" in 1800, etc.), plaques, engravings dedicated to the philosopher, his pictorial and sculptural images. In the rooms of the Pastor's House are temporary exhibitions dedicated to Kant's friends - the Schreters, Kaiserlingki, Motherbi. Currently, the process of forming a permanent exposure.
Opening hours: 10-18 hours, Monday, Tuesday - days off